11 Google Chrome Shortcuts For Desktop to Make Work Easy

11 Google Chrome Shortcuts For Desktop to Make Work Easy

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It’s the 21st century and we all use the internet to complete our daily tasks. But basically we all use Google Chrome to access the internet threw our desktop or laptop. Now Let’s make your work easy. here I’ll show you 11 amazing google chrome shortcuts for desktop.

We uses google chrome to do our daily tasks like gathering Information, Access websites, attend meetings, Watch movies, Do shopping, Access social media and many other things.

Mostly we do this all things manually like if you want to see History of what you browsed, you will manually go to settings and then click on history. But there is one shortcut Ctrl + H. In most cases this will save your time.

Google Chrome Shortcuts For Desktop


Sometimes you need to open new incognito mode in chrome. You may be open from Setting> New incognito window. But there is one shortcut for it and its Ctrl+Shift+N By this shortcut you can open a new incognito window in chrome.


You surfing internet daily for your work purpose. If you found a very useful website that is really helpful in your work. So you can bookmark it by simply pressing Ctrl+D from your keyboard.

11 Google Chrome Shortcuts For Desktop - papaprogrammer

You can also do this by just clicking on a star(right side of search bar)


You have bookmarked a site, now you have to make some changes in it like change name, site URL, or even remove that bookmark. For that, you need to open a bookmark manager.

By pressing Ctrl+Shift+O you can open bookmark manager.


Maybe you have put something to be download. Now think you have to see progress of it. at that time by pressing Ctrl+J, you will be able to see downloads window.

You can also do it manually by going to Setting > Downloads.

Ctrl+k or Ctrl+E

this will move your text cursor to the search box so that you can begin typing your search query and perform a Google search.


To open a new tab in new browser window, you can just press Ctrl+N.


If you want to open a new tab in existing browser window then you can simply press Ctrl+T to open a new tab.

To do it manually you can click on + sign on the tab section.


Sometimes you need to print a web page. You can simply so this by pressing Ctrl+P.

To do it manually, just right click on a page and then select print there.

Ctrl+R or F5

If you are a web developer, then you need to refresh the page again and again to check changes happening to your site. At that time you can simply press Ctrl+R or F5 to reload the page.

this Google Chrome Shortcuts For Desktop is very important for web developers.


This chrome shortcut will closes the current selected tab from the browser window.


If you closed a tab and you want to open that tab again, you can simply press Ctrl+Shift+T. This key combination will open recently closed tab.

This 11 Google Chrome Shortcuts For Desktop will make your work very easier.

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