5 simple computer tricks that makes your life easier

5 Simple Computer Tricks

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I’m sure you all know how to use a computer but did you how to use a computer smartly? Here are 5 simple computer tricks or shortcuts that make our life easier.

The computer became a part of our daily life. We do lots of work threw our computers. like, writing a document, printing, searching, calculations, and much more. For beginners sometimes it becomes irritating while doing the same task again and again with a long method.

For example, you have 10,000 files in a folder. The task is to delete that files. what you can do? Start selecting from top to bottom and then delete it. That can be a headache and a long method. You can simply press Ctrl + a to select all files and then press the delete key.

This simple computer shortcuts or tricks make your work easier. So, let’s have a look at these 5 simple computer tricks.


Holding down the mouse click to select multiple letters at once is such a waste of time.  If you need to select one whole word, hold down CTRL and Shift together.  To select multiple words, hold down the CTRL button and, continue to tap on the right or left arrow key until you’ve selected everything.

ctrl+shift - 5 simple computer tricks - papaprogrammer

To select some line you can use up or down arrow keys with SHIFT key.

This will work on both windows and mac OS and as well as on Linux.


While working on a computer you need to switch between two or multiple programs. Most people do this by selecting a program from the taskbar. But this can be done with a simple computer trick or shortcut CTRL + TAB.

alt+tab - 5 simple computer tricks - papaprogrammer

By this, you can switch between two windows or programs. This same thing can be done with another shortcut key WINDOWS + TAB. With this, you can get another interface but work remains the same (switch between two windows).

windows+tab - 5 simple computer tricks - papaprogrammer


This computer trick will help you when you going to leave your laptop or computer. By this simple shortcut, you can lock your computer very easily.


By this trick you can minimize or go to desktop from any program very easily.


Some time you forgot where you stored a specific program. We all are human beings, forgot something is very common thing.

But with this shortcut you can search anything within your computer or laptop.

This is 5 simple computer tricks that make our life easier.

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