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6 Cool Google Search Tricks. You Should Try Once

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“Google it”, we listen this phase every time while it’s come to searching something on internet. But did you know the cool google search tricks? Everyone should try these tricks.

Let’s start our countdown of 6 cool google search tricks.

Cool Google Search Tricks:

1. Barrel Roll

It’s an amazing trick. You just have to type “do a barrel roll” or just click here in the google search bar. It will rotate a web page 360 degree.

Have a look, How it’s look like:

do a barrel roll - cool google search tricks - papa programmer

2. Tilting Web Page

Yes, your page will tilt by just typing “askew” in google search or just type here. It’ll looks slightly tilted like this in your browser.

askew - cool google search tricks - papa programmer
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3. Blinking Text

Here’s our third trick, Blinking the ‘Blink’ text of the page. To do this search trick just go to search bar and type ‘<blink>’ or click here to see what happens.

4. Google in 1998

It’s 2021 and you better know how google looks right now. But did you know how google looks in 1998? We don’t have time machine right? 😂 But we have another option.

To see how google looks in 1998, you just have to type ‘google in 1998’ or click here. It will looks something like this:

google in 1998 - cool google search trick - papa programmer

5. Google Gravity

“Gravity” we all know what that is, right? But did you know you can also apply gravity in google home page components.

Here Gravity works in amazing ways, even on the Google homepage.  Here’s how, for once, you can make Google fall to your knees.

google gravity - cool google search tricks - papa programmer

To do this trick just type ‘google gravity‘ in search bar or just click here.

6. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush seems to have disappeared but you can still find the cool Google search on elgoog.

zerg rush - cool google search tricks - papa programmer

These are the 6 cool google search tricks you can try in google and amaze your friends.

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