plotting bar graphs in matplotlib

Plotting Bar Graphs In Matplotlib

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In this article, we will learn, Plotting Bar Graphs In Matplotlib.

A bar chart is a type of a chart that can visualize categorical data with rectangular bars and can be easily plotted on a vertical or horizontal axis.

Let’s start with plotting bar graph using python and matplotlib.

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Example 1 Of Matplotlib Bar Graph

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

x  = ["English","Science","History","Arts","Mathematics"]
y = [65,88,75,82,92],y,alpha = 0.8,align = 'center')
plt.title("Marks in each subject")

Our Bar graph will looks like this:

Plotting Bar Graphs In Matplotlib


If you want to plot a horizontal bar graph instead of vertical you can try plt.barh function. Arguments that takes are below

  • x : sequence of scalars
  • height : scalar or sequence of scalars
  • width: scalar or array-like, optional
  • align : {‘center’, ‘edge’}, optional, default: ‘center’
  • yerr : to place error bars ,optional,give it a value error
  • One can also plot multiple bars for same variable as given below.
  • color: scalar or array-like, optional, The colors of the bar faces.
  • tick_label: string or array-like, optional, The tick labels of the bars,Default: None (Use default numeric labels.)

Let’s look at another example of Plotting Bar Graphs In Matplotlib

Example 2 Of Matplotlib Bar Graph

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# data to plot
n_groups = 3
males = [65,25,10]
females = [58,35,7]

# create plot
ax = plt.subplot(111)
x = np.arange(n_groups)
w = 0.35
opacity = 0.8, males, w,alpha=opacity,color='b',label='Males') + w, females, w,alpha=opacity,color='g',label='Females')

plt.xlabel('Taster Types')
plt.title('Taster type distribution in males and females')
plt.xticks(x + w, ('Tasters',"Super-Tasters","Non-tasters"))

Have a look at our new bar graph

Plotting Bar Graphs In Matplotlib

Official Documentation Of Matplotlib : Check Here

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